Pinky Pinky 

Pinky Pinky

How did you all meet?

Anastasia: A mutual friend, Arrow, said that she had a band with two people, and asked if I wanted to join, and long story short...

Isabelle: It became the three of us through a couple variations of the band

Eva: We’re musical soul mates

How many names have you gone through?

E: With Arrow we were Honey Creeper, and then with Gideon it was Mothers Pride, and now it’s Pinky Pinky

Why Pinky Pinky?

E: You put your two pinkies up, put them together, and that’s too much rock for one hand... (Laughs)

A: Also it’s a South African monster that lives in the toilet, and if a little girl comes in the restroom wearing pink, he will attack and rape her...

When did each of you start playing?

A: I think I was three or so, which sounds crazy, but my dad basically made me learn guitar and drums, but I was drawn to the drums. He would tie drumsticks to my hands... I’m very violent, I love to hit things (laughs). But I never really started singing...

I: I started playing when I was six, and then I stopped because I did ice-skating, but then I started again at twelve, not seriously, and then I met with Arrow and that’s when it became more serious.

E: I took piano lessons for a year, and then I moved to LA and had a band with my sisters. I played the keyboard, and then in 7th grade I took my sister's old bass and started learning on that.

I: We learned together pretty much.

I know you guys all do different art, what is the relationship between visual art and playing an instrument or singing?

A: I think at first, the band was our bigger focus, but I think it has switched up.

E: I mean it’s not like we were playing music just for fun, we truly are passionate about it, but we are also passionate about visual art.

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What is the process of writing a song?

A: Usually someone will come up with the guitar part, and then I’ll just bang around on the drums and see what fits, at the very last minute I’ll make a melody for it.

I: Either way, vocals and lyrics come last.

A: Because I have to play the drums and Eva, Bassist.

Have you recorded a lot so far?

E: We’ve recorded four songs for our 7 inch, which is available now, but we have to start recording our album fairly soon.

What is working together like now, because you’ve gone through so many versions of the band?

I: I think we work well because we’ve gone through so many variations, and so many people in one band, and the fact that we’ve all stuck together for so long in this band is why we work well and have our voice.